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Love and the Law

“We are the sum of our past experiences and memories.” –Fellow Criminal Law Student 

I haven’t really been talking about myself on here because I just feel like there’s nothing to talk about. I was finally courageous enough to seek help for my anxiety and depression and now I’m at the point where I can get out of bed every day and not be in hysterics all day. Additionally, everything is really amazing in my relationship. So, what is there to talk about?

I know I am more than my relationship and my depression/anxiety, but it seems that the last few years these two things have really been the biggest parts of my life. Interestingly enough, I’ve been considering what makes me, “me?” Like, how have my past experiences and memories shaped who I am today?

No matter what you think, we can never escape our childhood. We will forever…

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NFL Prospect Says He’s Gay

He’s probably not going to get drafted, and that’s a damn shame. But I admire his bravery, he sacrificed what could be a multimillion dollar career to stand up for who he is.

Diary 1: Loss Of Culture

The diary entries will primarily concern emotional issues. You’d be surprised how draining apocalypse can be on the nerves. I’m here to help you deal. The diaries are here so you can keep in mind things that will keep you sane. If you remember this diary and the rest of them, you may very well find yourself to be the sanest person alive in the wasteland that is now planet earth.
The most obvious thing you will be upset about will be the death of some if not all of your loved ones. But, what else? It’s sort of a no shit thing that there no more people means there’s no more TV, no more movies, no more music. Pop culture is totally gone. What will it feel like to have none of the things you used to like anymore? While you’re sitting there you may be saying “it’s easy, of course I can live without my iPod,” but could you?
The electricity going out is all but inevitability. Without power and light what will you do for entertainment? Like all things in the apocalypse, entertaining yourself is not an issue to be taken lightly.
Pop culture has been around in one form or another for all time. It is a sort of glue that holds people together. Bigotry is never right, but it is understandable why an ignorant white trash piece of shit would be uncomfortable around a group of people with whom they share nothing in common. Songs like “Happy Birthday” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” are part of who we are as modern Americans, and they are just very small examples of how music can bring together people. We all tech our children certain music and they are then able to share that music with other children. As we get older we split on into small factions of people, through our tastes in not only music but movies, and books as well. With people we have never met we are able to have a real connection because we both happen to enjoy a certain film or story. This will all be gone. There will be nothing new created. World wide popularity is taking a vacation for the time being.
So now the question will be, what can I do about it? Your best bet will be to learn from the past. Beowulf was a favorite spoken word story of the Anglo-Saxons, it was sung and captivated audiences all over Western Europe. Centuries later, the African slaves held captive in America made their own spoken word songs in order to cope with their own hardships. Now it will be your place to create something lasting. Writing songs, spoken poems, and stories could very well save the world. If you can make something, anything with the potential to bring people together, life after Zombies will be that much easier.
If you don’t know how to write, the solution is simple. Find a book store, and get what you will need. Take a book on playing the guitar if you want to write a song, a book on writing if you want a poem or story, and so forth. Learn from these books and put your heart and soul into what every you write, and share it with anyone you will ever see.
A quick note about book stores. A book store is now your only connection to the past. With the internet gone, and TVs and movies no longer working, books are the last vestige of the past. Use them to learn everything you can, use them to entertain yourself, use them to keep your head straight for Christ’s sake.
Culture is something that is shared with a common people. Now the human population isn’t high enough to make the endangered species list, we are essentially all a common people. It is togetherness that will keep us sane, and happy. SO do like they did before Youtube and create something that that can be shared with others, so we can all benefit.

Lesson 1

With the second season of The Walking Dead premiering last night there is one lesson that we can all stand to learn, and that’s to stay away from cities. This show strongly emphasizes this. The pull of cities is obvious. There would be a greater likelihood of food, shelter, and water. The down side is that cities are already over run with lumbering flesh eating monsters, so what would happen after a zombie invasion? It’s painfully stupidly obvious that cities are dangerous, and it is exactly for that reason that you should read this. Underestimating the obvious can prove to be a major mistake.If you find yourself in a city underestimating the obvious should be your biggest concern. There’s a reason all the cars are going away from the city in the poster.
There may come a time in your travels when you find yourself coming upon a city. If this is the case you have already made a mistake. For starters, you should always know where you are and where you are going. Getting anywhere by accident is a grave case of ignorance. Information is your most valuable resource, without it you aren’t surviving but only stalling your own death. If you’re anywhere near a city chances are you took an interstate. Interstates or major highways are almost as dumb as cities themselves. Don’t forget that the reason a city is so stupid in the first place is because they were full of people and are now full of Zombies. Interstates will be like little mini cities. Crashed cars, will be the first thing you notice, but don’t forget how the cars got there. Chances are each crashed car has at least one zombie trapped because it can’t figure out doors, or the corpse of a person who just gave up or was over run with monsters. Either way this is a prime place for flesh eating ghouls to hang out. Even if you don’t see a zombie right away, you are taking a big risk by even being there. Of course there is always the possibility that the cities have all burned to the ground like in 28 days later, in this case, you will have no problem avoiding them.
If you are already in a city when the infestation takes place and it is not fully engulfed in flames, higher ground is where you need to be. Roofs or top floors will be your safe haven. With there being no power, some doors may also not work along with the elevators. If a horde of zombies try to attack you they will need to take the stairs. They will be forced to come only a few at a time. This will make you like Leonidis and the Spartans on the edge of that cliff fighting the Persians. All you will have to do is take them out basically one by one. This however is not a survival plan, you won’t be able to sustain. As soon as you can it is still advisable to leave, bringing only the essentials.

Looting is a bad idea. The risk of running into a group of hungry zombies in the Abercrombie you’re trying to steal clothes from is just not worth it. You need to get the hell out the first chance you get. Using the interstate to get out isn’t too much of a risk as long as you don’t stay there too long. You’ll want to take an exit to a small town quickly. If you need to scavenge for survival reasons your best bet is to take gas, food, or tents from an empty car and run away fast. I know this kind of goes against what I said before about major interstates but remember, this only applies to if you are forced for some reason to be on a major highway and are in dire need of rescources. And, besides, all of those cars are there because someone who was trying to run to safety but didn’t get away fast enough. They are probably stocked with everything you will need. Food, water shelter can all be found in most of those cars. But again, be careful of how deep into the traffic jam you venture. Anywhere you choose to scavenge you should always know the way out and not take a single step until you know more than one exit from any situation. If you see a mini van stocked with canned goods int he middle of a 20 car pile up, don’t bother if you can’t get out of there quickly without injury. Same goes if you’re searching a grocery store for any non perishables, you should know the front side and rear entrance.
While on the subject of scavenging, remember the scenario you’re living in. A world wide epidemic led to the infection of billions of people, and no one was able to stop it. There was widespread panic the world over. Whether or not you’re in a city it’s important to remember that grocery, hardware, and military surplus stores have been completely cleaned out. All of their merchandise was bought up at the first major outbreak. Going to a Home Depot is more hopeless than a cure at this point. All of the stuff your looking for is either in the houses of the already dead, or their cars. Either way, going to stores is almost definitely hopeless. Similarly, after the panic broke out religious zealotry must also have been on the rise. This would make churches and other places of worship hot spots for the dead and undead, keep away at all costs.
All in all, you will be safest in towns sized medium to small. Any heavily populated area is an accident waiting to happen. You should go to a place with big neighborhoods where all the houses are spread apart and have huge yards. Hiding out in one of these houses will provide an ideal look out position for coming friends or zombies alike.
When it comes to population, less is more. The less people the more days you will have alive. Keep to low populated areas, and if you are already somewhere with a lot of people GTFO ASAP.



“It’s not a question of ‘if’ it’s a question of when”

          When all of the things you know and love are gone, chances are, you will be too. Just in case you beat the odds and are holed up in a basement somewhere in Bumblefuck, Nebraska you will at least have these tips. I’ll be posting three times a week talking about the ways you can cope with and survive in the face on impending doom.
          My philosphy is that improvosation will save makes up 99% of what the world is. With a doomsday scenario that goes up to 100. If you can’t improvise, the zombie invasion will be the end of you. I want to share some of my own advice on to help prepare. With 2012 right around the corner, this shit could help your ass. This blog could very well save your life.
         A little bit about myself. I have been a long time fan of zombie culture, be it films, books or tv shows. Every time I watch these things I notice at least one person or group of people that has made a dire mistake that would mean death if the infection were every to take over. I am here to shed light on such mistakes, and help people avoid them if and when the infection starts to spread (remember, just because it didn’t kill the people on TV doesn’t mean you can afford to wander city streets after dark with nothing but a hatchet). But with all that said, this blog is just for fun, and if you have any advice or ideas to add, or to give a different perspective on somehting I haven’t thought of, please don’t hesitate to bring it up.

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